concrete polishing and artistic staining of alaska

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Air Quality

Concrete polishing and staining is the most environmentally respectful flooring system available on the planet.

Polishing concrete is a dust free, toxic chemical free process. No adhesives are needed to install it, as in wooden, bamboo or vinyl floors so, no offgassing of harmful vapors occurs. Offgassing from widely used floor adhesives is a major polluter in your indoor environment that can be eliminated by polishing the concrete that is most likely already in your home. No formadelhydes, benzynes, tolulenes or any other VOC (volatile organic compound) are used in concrete polishing and staining which makes your indoor environment clean and safe.

Allergens and mite production from carpets can be eliminated or reduced in your home by polishing your concrete floor.

All hardeners and stains we use are water based and non-toxic so no damage is done to the environment and nothing is left in YOUR environment to make it an unhealthy place to live.

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