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Easy to Clean

Polished concrete has to be the easiest floor to clean in the known universe. No special cleansers, waxes, or chemicals are ever needed to keep your floor clean and shiny. Sweeping, damp mopping or even swiffering is all that is needed to clean up the dirt of everyday life.

Spills should be cleaned up as soon as you can as your concrete is a breathable surface and eventually can be stained by highly pigmented spills if they are left to sit for long periods. The surface polish allows liquids to bead which makes soaking up anything you drop on it easy to pick up.

In areas that are used for industrial work, i.e. hangars and garages, a special hardener is applied at the time of polishing which makes the concrete remarkably resistant to staining. Clean up is necessary as on any floor but, the ability of polished concrete to remain unscathed in these situations is far beyond any epoxy coated, painted, or other floor coating product. It is a perfect match for industrial use and because of it's strengths in this arena is spectacular in the home as well.














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