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In Floor Heating Compatibility

In floor heating and polished concrete go hand in hand (or foot in foot). They are a perfect match for a beautiful, warm, energy efficient home.

Radiant floor heating installed in concrete is the absolute most efficient way to heat a home. The added mass of the concrete, as opposed to Gypcrete™ or Levelrock™, creates a "heat sink" which holds heat at a consistent temperature and warms your whole building. In addition, concrete is not susceptible to moisture damage like the gypsum products. Concrete can be used where gyspsum is planned...

Concrete vs. Gypsum:

Weight savings for gypsum product; 30 lbs./ft.³ or only 5 lbs./ft.2 at a thickness of 2”

The weight savings is the equivalent of 1 person who weighs 150 pounds standing at arms length from you. Gypsum is not worth the disadvantages of the material. During new construction it costs one additional floor truss in expense for a common room to use concrete. You gain huge benefits for negligible cost.

The weight difference can be completely eliminated by the use of structural lightweight concrete, which is as light as the gypsum products in density. ( However, lightweight concrete does not polish as well, nor stain as predictably as normal concrete.

Choosing polished concrete, in addition to it's MANY MANY other positive attributes, is an intelligent and responsible choice for an energy efficient, comfortable home.















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