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Industrial workplaces are a natural fit for ground (honed) or polished concrete. Honed and polished concrete is abrasion resistant, oil resistant and dust free. It lasts longer than epoxy coatings and saves money over the life of the floor.

We offer different levels of grinding and polishing for different purposes as well as other industrial floor repair services.

  • Honing Warehouse Floors
  • Honing Dock Floors
  • Fully polished and stained concrete for office and reception areas
  • Flattening and curl reduction for forklift operation areas
  • Spalling and other floor defect repairs

click here for more info about our Basic Surface Prepration services.

Polished concrete has received a high traction surface rating from the National Floor Safety Institute, which means even though the floor shines like crazy it is NOT slippery. You will not believe it until you experience it. Ask us where you can see and experience our work around town. Go to L&M Chemicals to see about polished concrete hardener certification












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